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Staffing Solutions

If this economy has taught us anything it's that firms need to run smarter and more efficient in the future. One of the largest cost a firm will ever incur is having too much overhead. By utilizing our contract staffing option you benefit in a number of ways.

For example:

  • No Payroll Taxes
  • You can hire for a specific skill set (CAD, Revit, etc.) and discipline (Retail, Educational, etc.)
  • 123TEN pays employee's Health Benefits
  • Avoid Worker’s comp claims
  • No Unemployment Insurance
  • Try it before you buy it (allows you to observe the candidates capabilities and cultural fit.)
  • Flex your workforce for large projects
  • Staffing Flexibility (with uncertain workloads this gives you complete control)
  • All employees of 123TEN are put through a stringent screening and evaluation process to insure they are capable in their area of expertise.
  • When used strategically, our services will save you money from year to year.