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Phone: (614) 204-7749

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About us

123TEN is growing at a very rapid rate and it’s easy to see why. With the current economic situation, more and more firms are looking for an advantage, a way to stay ahead of the curve and still deliver a superior project. 123TEN is that advantage, plain and simple.

As the needs of our clients changed, 123TEN expanded our services to offer the types of solutions our clients required to maintain their competitive advantage. Continuing to evolve, 123TEN began providing Workforce Solutions with a strategy to increase efficiencies and reduce the cost of a select group of critical core applications. In an effort to further service the needs of our clients we began offering Insourcing solutions in 2009 and have steadily grown the division to service all of your temporary and/or permanent staffing needs.

123TEN is a firm that strives to be your Project Partner.